Improve Your Sight Reading Score

The most effective ways to improve your sight reading score:

  1. Take the SASR test every day for one month. (Average 45 point increase in 28 days)
  2. Play through one level of Piano Marvel Method section below your current ability. (Average 35 point increase in 28 days)
  3. Play through one level of Piano Marvel Technique section below your current ability. (Average 32 point increase in 28 days)
  4. Play through a song in the Piano Marvel Repertoire every day without stopping. (Average 26 point increase in 28 days)
  5. Play through the minced slicing of a repertoire piece in Piano Marvel that is at least one level above your current performance level. (Average 20 point increase in 28 days)
  6. Work on your theory and ear training.  A significant skill of great sight readers is their ability to see and hear what they are playing instantly when they see the score. To instantly recognize a chord or pattern visually and aurally is a great way to improve your reading
  7. Look over the score before you start.  Notice time signature and rhythmic patterns, key signature and melodic patterns in the music so they don’t surprise you.
  8. Practice not looking at your hands
  9. Learn to count out loud. Counting in your head does not count! No pun intended.
  10. Sing the melody in your head.
  11. Go through 10 rhythm exercises in the Repertoire daily for one month.