Sight Reading Test Sample Scores

The SASR sight reading test was developed to take the mystery out of sight reading assessment and tracking for the piano and other instruments in the future. The test was developed in collaboration with Piano Marvel LLC which has produced the award winning piano software Piano Marvel. The test can be taken by anyone on a free Piano Marvel account. Many piano teachers want to make sight reading a priority, but the tools currently available make it nearly impossible to reliably and non-subjectively assess a student’s ability to sight read. Also, every sight reading test until now focused on a far too narrow spectrum of note and rhythm variations, as well as time and key signature variations. This has always produced sight reading test results that are very misleading. The SASR has been designed to change all that and provide the ultimate solution to the two major problems; accurately assessing sight reading and accurately tracking progress.

1. Accurately Assessing Sight Reading

With the SASR test, individuals can now see in plain terms how they score on their sight reading. They will be presented with a series of sight reading challenges at various difficulty levels. Using a unique algorithm, the system will intelligently recommend the next sight reading test item to present. Each score is automatically calculated and averaged to give a score that represents your over all ability to sight read music on the piano. Your SASR Score! All of the grading is done by computer, so human error is not part of the equation.

SASR Chart for Levels of Difficulty and Subdivisions

2. Accurately Tracking Progress

It’s never been possible for individuals to accurately track their sight reading progress. The SASR test is the world’s first sight reading tracking system that shows a timeline of your progress and recommends practice materials to help raise your SASR score. Student motivation to actively practice sight reading is increased when tangible results are presented in an easy to understand way.


Below are samples scores showing a general difficulty within each level.

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