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We would like to thank you for helping to develop the SASR (Standard Assessment of Sight Reading). We are thrilled to have you aboard and want to first let you know what you have gotten yourself into. We are sure you will thoroughly enjoy the challenge and are confident that your sight reading skills will improve for your efforts. Your participation is greatly valuable to many others that follow and we would like to express our gratitude for your participation by giving you a free pop song  in Piano Marvel.

We will use your scores averaged with others’ scores to determine what level to place each song in the test. It is therefore very important to follow the procedure with exactness so as not to throw off the results of the test.

SASR Volunteer Rules and Instructions

Open the Piano Marvel Application and Login

If you do not have an account go to and click Try it Free! then enter your email, create a password, download the software, open the software, configure your keyboard from the edit menu.

First Picture for SASR Explanation

  1. If you have an account simply open the software and go to the next step
  1. Click on Repertoire
  2. Click Browse Library
  3. Type SASR in the Composer field
  4. Click the desired level
  5. Click Add Piece
  6. Click the Piece

You will see a list of songs in that level and three tempos to pick from.

Second Picture for SASR Explanation

  1. Read the tempo written in the title…i.e (60 bmm) (80 bmm) or (100 bmm)
  2. Click on the corresponding trophy to the indicated tempo.
    1. Only chose the indicated tempo.
    2. Do not play all three tempos.

The song will open.

Third Page for SASR Eplanation


  1. Make sure your piano is scoring before you begin. It renders the score useless if you finish playing the song and don’t get a score.
  2. You have 15 seconds to look over and play each song before pressing the spacebar. (Yes, you can touch press the keys on this step.)
  3. Play through each song only 1 time for your score. If you do it twice your score will increase the second time and render the control group useless.
    1. If you have a computer glitch within the first few measures you can stop, fix the problem and then start the song over.
      1. Problems
        1. Music only displays one line: Zoom out to fix as seen in the picture.
        2. If a problem occurs and you have read more than 5 or 6 measures and you feel your score would be influenced because you practiced it once already, stop the music so it does not give you a score, skip the song and move on to the next. We will leave that score blank.
  4. Get a score and move on the the next song.


  1. Please let a SASR representative that your test is complete. Please include your email address that is your username for Piano Marvel so we can look up your scores or click here or the link below.
    1. SASR Rep: Aaron Garner
    2. SASR Rep: Sean Slade
    3. SASR Rep: Jadi Crawford Hancock

Yes, I want to do the Sight Reading Marathon. (click here)